Membership Features and Benefits

Invaluable peer-to-peer education, resource sharing and networking.


Trust, Confidentiality and Reliability

A membership in CyberEdBoard provides the platform to engage with cybersecurity community members who are facing similar challenges.

Trust, confidentiality and reliability are the hallmark of the one-to-one interactions among fellow CyberEdBoard members.


Peer Community

A personal network of fellow senior cybersecurity professionals with a background in technology, operations, audit, compliance, strategy, risk management, analysis, public policy and law enforcement — that’s the essence of CyberEdBoard membership.


Drive the Conversation

Have an idea or theory on how best to address an emerging cybersecurity challenge or an age-old system vulnerability — there’s no better way to present your ideas and influence a conversation than engaging with fellow CyberEdBoard members.


Grow Together

Membership in CyberEdBoard is your passport to learn and be educated on a range of cybersecurity, audit, compliance, fraud and risk management topics on your schedule. Members gain preferred and complimentary access to hundreds of in-person and virtual events supported by CyberEdBoard globally. These events range from 3-4 hour executive sessions on specific topics to multi-day summits on specific industries and geographies.

Members also have access to an online education resource — Access to this resource is provided at no cost to CyberEdBoard members. This site contains an ever-expanding library of over 1,800 sessions. Members can earn continuing education credits for attending any sessions available on this resource.

Finally, CyberEdBoard members get direct access to a faculty of over 800 cybersecurity professionals responsible for developing and delivering sessions on and other in-person events supported by CyberEdBoard.


Give Back to the Cybersecurity Community

All cybersecurity professionals can point to a mentor or two in their entire career who made a difference in achieving their professional goals. Member-to-member mentorship is a key component of the overall CyberEdBoard program.

Given the nascent nature of the cybersecurity discipline, all members have the ability to give back to the community in their own way. Membership in CyberEdBoard is the first step toward that professional career goal of nurturing and mentorship that you can truly be proud of.

Your Brand

Enhance Your Personal Brand

Establishing a personal brand in the community of senior cybersecurity professionals is a ‘must-do’ on the list of professional career goals for every CyberEdBoard member. From discussing cybersecurity topics and presenting their own views during hundreds of video recordings conducted on the floors of industry events globally and in CyberEdBoard studios to writing blog posts that reach millions of followers — the opportunity for CyberEdBoard members to enhance their personal brand is in abundance.

Building on the reputation of career journalists — both online and offline — each CyberEdBoard member benefits by establishing trust with the community while addressing topics that are of interest to a rather large demographic of leaders facing similar challenges.

Videos and other content created live on a network of syndicated sites forever, thus providing CyberEdBoard members additional opportunities for establishing a personal brand over a period of time.


Global Connectivity

CyberEdBoard’s community reach is global — from the largest metro areas to small cities all over the world. Our board members bring a wealth of cybersecurity experience in their background, have a wide reach within their own network and have significant authority over cybersecurity matters within the organizations they represent.

CyberEdBoard members have an online as well as an offline and in-person reach within a very large cybersecurity community. The network of individuals who CyberEdBoard members can reach is expanding on a daily basis. At its most recent count, the number of online followers has well passed the 10MM mark.


Stay Connected

The biggest advantage of being a member of any community is the ability to communicate with fellow members and solve issues facing the community. This ability is at the heart of CyberEdBoard, and every interaction during board meetings, summits and other regional events provides the opportunity to communicate with fellow board members.

There is also an online communication facility available to CyberEdBoard members for communicating with board members well beyond their immediate geography. Each member has the ability to control how restrictive or widespread the distribution they want to impose on any communication originated by them is.

A Private Network of Cybersecurity's Most

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