Forward-Thinking Guidance and Trust

CyberEdBoard brings together a trusted network of senior level information security and risk practitioners dedicated to collaborating and solving shared challenges.

Four-Star Army General Keith Alexander, Co-CEO, IronNet Cybersecurity (Former NSA Director)

Executive Collaboration


CyberEdBoard strategically connects influential practitioners, academics and organizational leaders who are passionate about advancing cybersecurity best practices, collaboration and the protection of technology worldwide. The intelligence and real-world analysis acquired through member interactions not only strengthens the security of member organizations, they also provide each member with a platform to promote and accelerate individual career goals.

Four Pillars of Cybersecurity


Sharing common challenges, a common set of goals and perhaps even a common set of solutions — that’s the notion of the CyberEdBoard community.

From fighting bad actors to seeking advice on key enterprise technology decisions – CISOs face a myriad of challenges on a daily basis. CyberEdBoard members have access to fellow community members who bring decades of security program management, security technology know-how, privacy, legal, public policy and law-enforcement experience from their professional practice.



Whether it’s communicating a suspected breach to an internal stakeholder, such as your board of advisors, or external auditors or evangelizing a security technology decision throughout the organization — leadership skills in cybersecurity professionals are a must-have for long-term career growth.

Learn from fellow CyberEdBoard members on how they deal with leadership challenges on a daily basis in their respective organizations.

Information Sharing

From avoiding pitfalls with certain security technology implementations to the selection of specific technology vendors, there is no substitute for information sharing that’s meaningful, unbiased and truly confidential.

CyberEdBoard members are senior cybersecurity leaders who are less concerned about specific system-level vulnerabilities with clear cut solutions. Instead, their focus is geared towards the topics hard to quantify with verifiable information – e.g., nation-state attack patterns and the information these attackers are seeking, or the level of scrutiny a certain regulator requires on a specific cybersecurity compliance issue. Information like this is only available through membership in a community like CyberEdBoard.


In its simplest form, intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.

Membership in the CyberEdBoard community, combined with leadership skills and information sharing, provides each member with the knowledge necessary to master any cybersecurity resiliency program. The intelligence and real-world analysis acquired through CyberEdBoard member interactions not only helps an organization, it provides each member with a platform to promote and accelerate their personal career goals.